The Garden Design

27 Dec
Below is a CAD drawing of the proposed garden layout. More specific drawings will follow, as the plantings and hardscaping are further developed . The garden site is driven by several factors, which are apparent in the overall site plan of Eden’s Landing.
Eden Garden Design

Eden's Landing Garden Plan

Eden's Landing Site Plan
Eden’s Landing Site Plan


By clicking on Eden’s Landing Site Plan, you can get a better sense of the development. It is a PUD that includes a mix of single family, townhome, and duplex residential lots to the North and West, with light commercial live/work units located at the Southern portion. The large blank area at the heart of the community is designated wetlands. This is surrounded by a wetland buffer. The grey areas indicate storm water retention and the Northwestern tip includes another riparian zone. The main road is CO RD. 395 in Walton County, Florida, approximately 1/4 mile (.4 km) North of HWY. 98. The garden indicated by the green rectangle is located between two future commercial buildings (2 story), sandwiched between the parking lot and the storm water retention area. Although we have access to garden in any common area or temporarily on any residential lot, the selected site is the largest chunk and is located on community grounds. There are no homes as of yet, though one business will be operating in Eden’s Landing by March. If you look a little closer at the site plan, you can see that we are between 14-15 feet (4.5 m) above sea level.

We are in a hurricane zone. Storm force winds will present one challenge at this site that will not be easily remedied. The garden will be a focal point from the main entry, so planting a tall wind break is not an option at this time.

Our other concern is the storm water. We have had heavy rains over the last several weeks and the ground is very saturated. The storm water is creeping toward the garden, but has not encroached. We’ll be building up to avoid water intrusion and planting a buffer area with natives that will serve as a rain garden. Hopefully, the water will work in our favor by using swales to capture and direct.

Funds are still a challenge at this point, which means the fence is on hold. We can’t let that hold us back from building soil and preparing the beds. We’ve decided to focus on creating a polyculture of edible wild foods, culinary and medicinal herbs, interplanted with some domesticated crops. I’ll search for perennial and heirloom varieties, suited to the Southeast region. This week we’ll be working hard on building soil and doing more site observation. Until then…   

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