Cranky Yankee Tomato Basket

22 May

Spending four hours every Saturday at the farmers market can induce tedium at times, especially between the season. Spring break is over and summer isn’t quite in full swing. I find that the littlest things bring  inspiration, create conversation, and if nothing else, can often provoke reflection and contemplation.  This Saturday was no exception.

I took the opportunity to ride the Soap Peddlers newly electrified Xtracycle. Note to self: bring my electric bike so we can compare notes. I talked with several locals who shared their garden successes and failures, and I made plans with Twin Oaks Farm to do the New Leaf Market Farm Tour in October. As usual, I did a little bartering. This time with the Cranky Yankee, who sells beautiful veggie starts and the occasional seasonal item from his garden. I couldn’t help but notice his clever refashioning of a manila folder into a tomato basket.  Check it out.

cranky yankee tomatoes

Cranky Yankee Tomatoes in a refashioned manila folder


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