The Fall Seed Harvest

29 Oct

This is what the fall harvest table looks like at our house. Beginning in September, small plates, bowls, racks, and ramekins filled with seeds and other garden finds start to collect on every horizontal surface. This photo is actually a pared-down visual compared to just weeks before the folks visited in early October. Everything was tucked away before they arrived, but no sooner had they left, the little bowls and trays started appearing again. Depending on the temperature and humidity, seeds and such are shuffled from the screen porch table, to inside, and sometimes through the dehydrator for short periods of time.

I’m excited to announce that this coming season will mark the first time, since the beginning of Moonlight Micro-Farm, that we will be able to offer several varieties of seed that have been grown and harvested here in the Gulf Coast region. A few local farmers and gardeners have provided us with seed including: Dragonfly Fields, Henderson’s Farm, Greenman’s Garden, and Artzi Vegetables. In addition, I’ve grown out a few varieties in my own garden and was given fruit grown from our seeds that we subsequently harvested the seeds from. Next week, I’ll start doing germination tests on all the seed before we offer them to you. My hope is that this is the beginning of a shift to bringing more bioregionally adapted non-GMO seed to growers in our area. How many times can I type ‘seed’ in one paragraph? 🙂

What’s in the photo?

Starting with quart mason jar and going clockwise: mason jar terrarium (nothing edible there), two luffa gourds, a bunch of panang basil racemes, bowl of soaking Seminole pumpkin guts, plate of poblano seeds, plate of orange bell pepper seeds, dish of red velvet okra seeds, cayenne peppers, red velvet okra pods, jack-be-little pumpkins, rooting sprigs of Mexican tarragon and Tagetes lemonii, mason jar votives, and a blue bowl of harvested sesame pods.


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