Seed Germination Test

20 Nov

Let me first say, I have no idea how to accurately perform a proper germination test. I’m totally wingin’ it here. I’ve tested tiny quantities of seed for viability prior to planting in my personal garden, though this is my first attempt at testing germination on seeds I intend to sell. I figured that I would simulate the damp-paper-towel-in-a-plastic-bag process, but on a larger scale. Looks like the test was a success except for a couple of varieties that probably need more time.

Which seed was the first to germinate? Red Velvet Okra. Almost all the okra seeds germinated within 24 hours.

Which seed performed the best? It is a tie between the Red Velvet Okra, Herman’s Little Yeller Tomatoes, and the Sesame. All three were just a couple of seeds shy of 100% germination.

Which seed lagged behind? Afula Sunflower and Malabar Spinach both need more time to germinate.

Which seed performed satisfactorily? Luffa and Seminole Pumpkin were both slower to germinate, though as time went by, more seeds germinated.

How did I perform the germination test? Start with a 10″x20″ nursery flat without holes. Soak a piece of Sure to Grow mat in water, gently wring and place in nursery flat. Select a minimum of 20-50 seeds of each variety to test and place them in marked rows on the mat. Gently spray the seeds with a water bottle and cover the whole tray with plastic wrap. Place tray on heated mat for several days. Calculate germination based on which seeds germinated divided by the total amount of seeds.


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